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Test Tongue analysis®

Test Tongue analysis®

Test Tongue analysis®

approx 15 minutes Free

Test description

Those of you who are interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and cannot be examined in person in the consulting room (personal contact in the consulting room is, of course, always the best) can take a photo of your tongue with a digital camera or a high-quality mobile and submit it with the questionnaire. The questionnaire cannot be submitted without the photo of the tongue and the completed questionnaire attached! It is best to take the photo in the morning or having fasted, without flash and in natural light if possible.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the same disease or the same symptoms may manifest differently on the tongue and vice versa - the same appearance of the tongue may correspond with different diseases.

You also need to complete a simple questionnaire. In the Main Problems section, specify your most serious subjective problems and symptoms rather than Western medicine diagnoses as those are not that significant for Chinese medicine (e.g. heartburn, the feeling of heaviness after meals or pain under ribs are more valuable symptoms in terms of TCM than statements such as: chronic gastritis or high cholesterol...). Do not mix acute and chronic problems in one test either - the result would be misleading, e.g. acute cough with a runny nose and a fever caused by a virus infection and chronic back pain with chronic ringing in the ears... You will find an example of the test completed in such a way.ZDE.

TCM test Tongue analysis® is free and anonymous . The confirmation that the Good Tongue Test has been accepted will be immediately sent to your email address - otherwise you have not given the correct email address and our response cannot be sent, so please take care to fill in your correct email address! You will receive the test result via email within 3 days. If you have not received the result, try looking in the spam folder or write to us… You will find an example of such a test HERE.

Notice: Information and recommendations in this Traditional Chinese Medicine test are not a substitute for an examination, diagnosis and treatment by a doctor of Western medicine. This provision is based on the regulations in the Czech Republics’ Act on Public Health Care from 2011 and EU directives.


Major health problems

Describe the condition in detail and include how long you have been experiencing it. Your personal experience of the condition is more useful to us than medical diagnoses (you can also sort the condition according to severity):

Major illnesses and operations in the past

Medicines used (currently)

Current allergies

Photo of tongue

Please take a photo of your tongue now.

If you already have a photo, you can upload it from your device.

Taken photo to send